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ArbDB Chambers have hosted some informative Webinars as part of a regular series.

Please find the links to the YouTube video's and transcripts. 

More Information

“Resolving conflicts early to stay ahead” - Mediation of commercial disputes in a lockdown and post-lockdown world

“Forecasting Outcomes, Choosing Dispute Resolution Methods and Deciding whether to Settle” - in the “New Normal”

“Avoidance and Resolution of Boardroom and Employment Disputes in the “new normal”

“Breakfast Club Webinar - The Use of DAAB's in Shipbuilding”

“Arbitration and Mediation in Saudi Arabia & MENA Region Webinar" - By ArbDB Chambers & SCCA”

“Restoring Confidence in Public- Private Partnerships: Creating more Collaborative PPP’s, including Use of Dispute Boards”

“2nd Annual Hong Kong Mediation Lecture”

“Mediator's New Breakfast Club Recording - 25th November 2020”

“Mediator's New Breakfast Club Recording - 20th January 2021”

“Mediator's New Breakfast Club Recording - 10th March 2021”

“Mediator's New Breakfast Club Recording - 12th May 2021”

“Mediators New Breakfast Club - 21st July 2021”

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