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ArbDB Member, Wolf Von Kumberg, Speaks At A Mediation Seminar In Dubai

1 November 2016


ArbDB Chambers’ Member, Wolf von Kumberg, spoke at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) on Monday 17th October at a mediation event titled "Mediation for the Future:An Introduction to Business Mediation in the Middle East”  His focus, given his background as Assistant General Counsel to Northrop Grumman Corporation, was on the mediation process and why it is beneficial for business.

The DIFC was promoting its Mediation Rules and a discussion respecting the need to grow mediation in the UAE followed. There was a clear message from the audience that the time was ripe for mediation in Dubai, as a new Federal Mediation Law is in the offing, a clear harbinger of clear Government support for mediation in Dubai. It is a discussion that ArbDB is looking forward to continuing at its Event at the Capital Club in the DIFC in Dubai on 21st November 2016.

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