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ArbDB Chambers Involved In The Third Annual GAR Live Abu Dhabi

13 February 2018


ArbDB Chambers Member, Michael Cover, has taken part in the third Annual GAR Live Abu Dhabi on 7 February 2018.

Michael participated in the final session “The GAR Live Inquisition- can experts be relied upon?” The session took the form of a US Senate Committee Hearing or UK Parliamentary Select Committee. The committee of inquisitors was led by Alex Bevan of Shearman & Sterling, together with Heba Osman, Legal Director Middle East, Otis and Michael Black QC. Michael was one of the witnesses examined by the committee, together with Bob Broxon of BDO, Dyfan Owen of Ashurst and Nadine Debbas Achkar, Attorney and Arbitrator. The topics covered included selection of experts, conflicts and independence, credibility and what happens when the expert goes ‘rogue’.

Around 120 delegates attended the event, which was held in the Abu Dhabi Global Market. The joint Chairs were Lara Hammoud, Senior Legal Counsel, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, and Alec Emmerson, Independent Arbitrator.

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