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Sheila Bates of ArbDB Chambers spoke recently at an event organised by HIVE: The Society of Professional Mediators.

12 November 2019


The event was a debate on the motion “That workplace mediation should be mandatory”. A very articulate audience of mediators debated the motion, which was not carried, although there was a shift towards the motion after the presentations.

Interesting parallels were drawn between MIAM (Mediation Information Assessment Meetings) in family mediations and preliminary meetings in workplace mediations. There was broad agreement that, rather than mediation being mandatory, that there should be an automatic referral to a mediator for an initial conversation to explain mediation to the potential parties.

Click here for a link to Sheila Bates profile as a Mediator on the ArbDB Chambers website:

Please contact Martin Poulter, Clerk to Chambers, if you require any details about Sheila’s work:

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