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Sheila Bates - Acute Dispute and Underlying Conflict Webinar

5 April 2022


Sheila Bates will be speaking at a Acute dispute and underlying conflict Webinar, run by CIArb.

Part 1 of Webinar series

Commercial stability in a world of conflict: Effective dispute management in uncertain times.

Date & Time:

06 April 2022 | 13:00 - 14:00



More Information:

The fall-out of armed and economic conflict, including the huge volume of commercial disputes triggered and/or caused by the conflict is overwhelming. This series will take a considered, clear-eyed look at the types of disputes, sectors and industries affected. Those attending will benefit from real-life examples of how to deal with economic disruption in times of geo-political uncertainty: contract disruption, supply chain disruption, raw material shortage, lack or over-supply of goods, human and capital displacement. 

It will provide a forum for discussion of market needs for information, education, and framing, and what the community of dispute resolvers can contribute to maintain and strengthen the system that underpins all international commerce, the rule of law.

Part 1 of Webinar Series will introduce a simple structure of questions to analyse situations as they arise at the macro and micro level (What, where, who, why, when). This first session will look at how we respond as neutrals, representatives, and commercial parties to the different types of disputes currently arising and those anticipated in the near future.

This series is free to attend: register here for Part 1.

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