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ArbDB Chambers Members, Wolf Von Kumberg And Michael Cover, Join The Roster Of Mediators And George Grant Joins The Roster Of Arbitrators Of The Saudi Center For Commercial Arbitration (SCCA)

30 September 2018


ArbDB Chambers Members, Wolf von Kumberg and Michael Cover, have joined the Roster of Mediators of the SCCA and ArbDB Chambers Member, George Grant, has joined the Roster of Arbitrators. The SCCA is based in Riyadh and sets out to be the preferred regional option for alternative dispute resolution by 2030.

Wolf and Michael have already visited the SCCA in Riyadh in 2018 and Wolf, Michael and George will be participating in the upcoming 1st International Conference of the SCCA in Riyadh on 15/16 October 2018, at which fellow ArbDB Chambers Member, Mark Appel, will be speaking. Mark has also been training mediators in the region.

Michael commented: "With our deepening involvement in the region and our participation in the forthcoming conference in Abu Dhabi looking at mediation there generally and also our Associate Office in Dubai, we are looking forward to making a major contribution to the development of international arbitration and mediation in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia in particular and also in the wider Gulf Cooperation Council countries."

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