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ArbDB Chambers Welcomes The Report From The Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series

31 May 2018


The latest Report from the GPC Series has very recently been published and a link to the Report is here

The GPC Series convened more than 4,000 people at many conferences across the world over 2016 and 2017, in order to gather data and information on the future of dispute resolution.

Among the themes that emerged were that the top priority in dispute resolution is efficiency, closely followed by a strong interest on the part of users and in-house counsel in increased collaboration both between client and counsel and between opposing counsel. There was also a strong interest in the encouragement or even mandating of non-adjudicative dispute resolution processes, which are likely to be less costly.

This also lead on to a very strong interest in hybrid or mixed mode dispute resolution and dispute avoidance processes, such as dispute and conflict avoidance boards.

It emerged during the GPC Series that 70% of the survey participants considered that external (private practice) counsel are resistant and even the most resistant to change in the commercial dispute resolution arena.

ArbDB Chambers Chairman, Tony Marks, welcomed the Report and noted that ArbDB Chambers was one of the organisations seeking to raise the profile and awareness of hybrid or mixed-mode dispute resolution processes in the United Kingdom and Internationally.

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