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ArbDB Chambers Member, Peter McQueen, Appointed To The ICC International Court Of Arbitration

25 July 2018


ArbDB Chambers Member, Peter McQueen, has been appointed as the Australian Member on the ICC International Court of Arbitration.

Peter’s appointment is for three years.

The ICC is one of the leading if not the leading arbitration institution in the World and the Court, which is really a Court in name only, confirms and appoints arbitrators, scrutinises arbitration awards and promulgates dispute resolution rules, including the ICC Arbitration Rules 2017 and the ICC Mediation Rules 2014. Peter's alternate is Jo Delaney, a Partner in Baker & McKenzie in Sydney.

The Court consists of 176 leading arbitration practitioners from around the World, together with a President and various Vice-Presidents, with equal representation of men and women.

ArbDB Chambers Chairman, Tony Marks, commented:

'We are delighted that Peter McQueen's talents and experience have been recognised in his appointment to the ICC International Court of Arbitration. We wish Peter every success in his new role.'

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