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Occasional Paper Series; The Energy Charter Treaty And ADR In The Context Of Investor/State And Other Disputes

29 January 2016


Please see a download link below to download the Occasional Paper Series; 'The Energy Charter Treaty and ADR in the Context of Investor/State and Other Disputes'

The document includes an article written by Wolf Kumberg and Michael Cover with respect to the current state of Mediation in Investor State Disputes.

Kumberg comments; "This is clearly a topic which is garnering a lot of interest, particularly from States and the EU Commission. Both in my role as a Director of the International Mediation Institute and current Chair of the Chartered Institute of Directors, we are looking for ways to encourage States to utilise mediation as part of the ISDS process. Some BITS, such as CETA already provide for the process and the ECT Guidelines will also help foster the use of mediation." 
Download Paper here 

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