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ArbDB Chambers Members Spread The Word On Dispute And Conflict Avoidance Boards

14 July 2017


ArbDB Chambers Member, Wolf von Kumberg, teamed up with former Commercial Director of the Ministry of Defence, Les Mosco, to deliver a lively session on ‘The Use of Dispute Boards in Aerospace and Defence Contracts’ at the Bird & Bird First for Aviation and Defence Disputes Conference on Wednesday 12 July 2017 at Bird & Bird’s offices in New Fetter Lane in the City of London.

Earlier on the same day, ArbDB Chambers Member, Michael Cover, had delivered a session on Dispute and Conflict Avoidance Boards to a meeting of the Mediators’ New Breakfast Club in Fleet Street, London.

Both events were designed to raise awareness of the effectiveness of standing Dispute and Conflict Avoidance Boards on reducing conflict and cost in complex major projects, relating both to infrastructure and IT and defence procurement.

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