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Mark Appel judge in the finals of the World’s First International Investor-State Mediation Competition

16 January 2022


Mark Appel of ArbDB Chambers is sitting as a Judge on 16 January 2022 in the competition finals of the World’s First International Investor-State Mediation Competition.

The Competition was organised by The Moot Court Bench in Colombo, Sri Lanka and is supported by, among others, the United Nations (UNCITRAL), the Sri Lankan Ministry of Justice and the International Mediation Institute.

This competition is the first of its kind, a unique opportunity to further the education of young legal/mediation practitioners in the investor-state mediation process.

Investor-State Mediation (ISM) is where mediation is used to resolve conflicts between a private party and a sovereign state i.e., investor-state disputes.

Mediation provides host States and foreign investors with a high degree of autonomy over the decision-making process, thus placing emphasis on achieving mutually beneficial results for the disputing parties. This facilitates the preservation of economic relationships between host States and their investors.

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