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Leading International Arbitrator And Mediator Joins Arbdb Chambers

5 June 2022


ArbDB Chambers, the leading international chambers of third party neutrals, is delighted to announce that Richard Price has accepted an invitation to join Chambers.

Richard’s background is in general commercial litigation, including contract and licensing disputes, becoming regarded as one of the UK’s leading patent and trademark litigation lawyers. Now working as a neutral in ADR, he brings many years of experience as a solicitor in commercial litigation, leading teams in landmark cases. Richard has extensive experience in many jurisdictions, including the US, East Asia and Western and Central Europe.

Richard is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and accepts appointments as an international arbitrator and mediator and is a member of a number of panels of leading appointing institutions, including the World Intellectual Property Organisation. He has sat in international arbitrations, both as sole arbitrator and as a member of three person tribunals. He has also conducted mediations in intellectual property and other commercial disputes, including those relating to biopharma disputes. Richard has also been a tutor on the University of Bristol post-graduate IP Diploma course, subsequently run by the University of Oxford, as well as being a founder Member and then Secretary and then Chairman of the Patent Solicitors’ Association (now the Intellectual Property Lawyers’ Association). Richard is a Member of the AIPPI (the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) and is currently the UK Member of the AIPPI Standing Committee on Arbitration and Mediation.

Richard will now be practising as a full time Independent Third Party Neutral through ArbDB Chambers.

Tony Marks, the Chair of ArbDB Chambers, commented:

“We are delighted to welcome Richard Price as a Member of ArbDB Chambers. He is already a distinguished arbitrator and mediator and well-experienced particularly but not exclusively in intellectual property disputes. We look forward to working with Richard further to develop his arbitration and mediation practice, both in the UK and internationally. ”

Richard can be contacted for appointments through the Clerk to ArbDB Chambers, Martin Poulter, and tel: +44 (0)203 514 9020.

June 2022

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