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ArbDB Chambers Members To Participate In A Mediation Conference In Abu Dhabi

16 September 2018


ArbDB Chambers Members, Mark Appel, Wolf von Kumberg and Michael Cover, are all participating in the forthcoming conference at the Abu Dhabi Global Market, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi on 14 October 2018. The title of the Conference is “An Overview of Mediation in the GCC and the Development of Investor State Mediation”. The Conference is being run under the auspices of the ADGM itself, the ICC, CEDR, IMI, the Energy Charter and ICSID.

Mark and Wolf will each moderate a session, Mark’s being entitled “The Development of Investor State Mediation” and Wolf’s being a Mock Mediation, involving an investor state dispute scenario, with the participation also of both Mark and Michael. This is all part of ArbDB Chambers’ significant initiative in the area of Investor State Mediation. Mark Appel is the Chair of the IMI (International Mediation Institute) Task Force on Investor State Mediation, of which Wolf von Kumberg and Michael Cover are also Members. Mark and Wolf have taught on World Bank/ ICSID programmes to train Investor State Mediators, as attended by Michael, who also attended a recent Energy Charter Conference on the subject at the World Bank’s offices in Paris.

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