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Henri Mizzi joins ArbDB Chambers

30 September 2021


Henri Mizzi has accepted an invitation to join the leading chambers of third party neutrals, ArbDB Chambers, with effect from 1st October 2021.

Henri is in practice full time as a third party neutral and already has a number of appointments as arbitrator and mediator.

Before setting up a practice as an independent arbitrator and mediator and joining

ArbDB Chambers, Henri was senior partner at Camilleri Preziosi, one of Malta’s premier

commercial law firms, where he was responsible for the firm’s dispute resolution practice. He handled the firm’s most important cases in several economic sectors including banking and financial services, construction, communications, shipping, insurance, and energy. Many of his cases had an international dimension.

The branches of the law he covered were varied and included banking, corporate, communications, construction, insurance, intellectual property, and shipping law. During the last ten years or so of his legal practice, Henri dealt increasingly with administrative law issues, given their growing importance in the commercial world.

Tony Marks, the Chair of ArbDB, commented:

“We are delighted to welcome Henri Mizzi as a Member of ArbDB Chambers. We look forward to collaborating with Henri further to develop his practice as arbitrator and mediator”.

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