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ArbDB Launches As The First Multidisciplinary International Arbitration And Dispute Board Chambers

24 July 2011


To coincide with the significant expansion in arbitration, adjudication and mediation internationally and also across the United Kingdom, ArbDB has launched as the first international multidisciplinary chambers for arbitration, adjudication, mediation and dispute boards. 

Based in Fleet Street, London EC4, the Chambers will be known as ArbDB and the intention is to create a first class centre of expertise for arbitration, adjudication, mediation and dispute boards, so that ArbDB can become the first port of call for lawyers or, by way of direct access, for clients wishing to obtain the services of third party neutrals, whether as an arbitrator, adjudicator, mediator or dispute board member. 

Parties, both internationally and domestically, will have the choice of resolving their differences by arbitration, adjudication or mediation, dispute resolution processes which are generally confidential and normally quicker and more cost-effective than litigation. Members of Chambers include lawyers, architects and engineers and other professionals, all experienced in dispute resolution and from a wide variety of different international jurisdictions. The day-to-day face of ArbDB will be Ian Duggan, an extremely experienced arbitration and mediation case manager. 

ArbDB is very well placed to fit in to the changing world of International Dispute Resolution, by offering parties to disputes and their advisers the advantages of:

-          More specialist ADR professionals from a variety of differing professional backgrounds than has hitherto been available.  Members have been accredited by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, FIDIC, CEDR, the Dispute Board Federation or other internationally-recognised organisations.

-          Members having hands-on practical experience of a wide variety of ad hoc and institutional domestic and international commercial arbitration, adjudication and mediation rules and institutions.  With their combined experience, members are equipped to handle even the most complex and sensitive of disputes.

-          Members having expertise in a wealth of different specialisms, including major infrastructure projects, construction, engineering, energy, banking and financial services, IP, international trade, dry shipping, shipbuilding contracts, commodities, LME trading, futures and options and financial derivatives.

-          Absence of the conflict of interest difficulties now facing law firms with practising third party neutrals, together with a first class case management operation.

Michael Cover, a Director of ArbDB, said:

"ArbDB concentrates a range of experienced individuals within one specialised group for the benefit of consumers of arbitration, adjudication and mediation services.  Our intention is to be the leading repository of the best in Early Dispute Resolution and Non-Court Based Dispute Resolution that is Arbitration, Adjudication, Mediation and Dispute Boards.  ArbDB will shortly be making announcements about high profile arbitrators and dispute board members joining our Chambers."

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ArbDB Chambers,Arbitrators, Mediators, Adjudicators and Dispute Board Members. London. Dubai. Singapore
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