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The DRBF UK Breakfast Club Meet – 15th July 2020 commencing 09.00hrs

2 July 2020


The DRBF UK Breakfast Club Meet – 15th July 2020 commencing 09.00hrs

Guest Speaker, Elizabeth Reid of Bird & Bird LLP, now confirmed.

John Papworth and Michael Cover would like to inform you that the next DRBF UK Breakfast Meet will take place on 15 July 2020 at 0900 -1000 hrs UK Time as a ZOOM ® meeting.

Elizabeth Reid is a partner at Bird & Bird LLP and advises on major projects for the design, build and operation of technologically-complex assets across the defence, infrastructure and energy sectors. Elizabeth also co-leads the firm’s International Renewables Group. Her profile is here:

Elizabeth will comment on why the post - Covid 19 world may drive more collaborative/partnering-type behaviours in major long term projects, particularly on dealing with variations and delays.  She will also consider the merits of dispute avoidance and adjudication boards to get to a quick and contemporaneous resolution of causes of delay.

This will be the 5th meeting of the group, providing a platform for discussion of topics of interest and regular interaction between members, their guests and speakers involved with dispute resolution and avoidance. This interactive Breakfast Meet will be of interest to users, funders, lawyers and Dispute Board members in particular, including DRBF UK Members.

or email Martin Poulter, Clerk to ArbDB Chambers:

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