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ArbDB Members Attend The CIArb Dispute Appointment Service Convention 2015

7 December 2015


ArbDB Members Murray Armes, Michael Cover, Tony Marks, Paul Rose and John Wright participated in the CIArb Dispute Appointment Service Convention 2015, which was held at the CIArb offices in Bloomsbury Square, London on Friday 4 December 2015. The theme was 'ADR's Role in Providing Access to Justice' and a range of panels of speakers covered arbitration and dispute boards, adjudication and mediation.

Michael Cover was a panel member for the last session, which was on mediation, and which looked at the role of mediation against a background of falling funding for the Court system in England & Wales. Michael emphasised the importance of educating government and other stakeholders and opinion formers on the huge contribution made by the private dispute resolution sector to UK plc and welcomed the recent formation of the All Party Parliamentary Group on ADR.

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