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ArbDB Members Tony Marks And Michael Cover To Moderate A Workshop On Dispute Resolution

8 September 2013


ArbDB Members Tony Marks and Michael Cover to moderate a Workshop on Dispute Resolution- Method Selection and Negotiation at a conference on Managing Commercial Risks in Global Oil & Gas Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships on 16 September 2013 at the Charing Cross Hotel, London, UK.

Tony Marks and Michael Cover, both arbitrators and accredited mediators, and Members of ArbDB, the Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Board Chambers, are moderating a Workshop on Dispute Resolution and Negotiation at this two day conference.

They will be covering topics which will include Identifying the Most Suitable Dispute Resolution Method in private dispute resolution, that is arbitration, mediation, expert determination and dispute boards, and Achieving the Best Outcomes in Private Dispute Resolution. This will focus on the types of disputes that tend to arise in the strategic partnerships and joint ventures that are prevalent in the Oil & Gas sector.

Further details are available here. 

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