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ArbDB Members attend dispute resolution conferences in Abu Dhabi

21 March 2022


ArbDB Chambers Members, Robert Sliwinski and Michael Cover, attended two conferences at the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) on 16 and 17 March 2022. The first was RESOLVE- the Abu Dhabi International Dispute Resolution Forum and the second was the ICSID-ADGM Joint Conference- Investment Arbitration in the Middle East.

At the second conference, two important announcements were made by Linda Fitzalan, the Registrar and Chief Executive of the ADGM Courts, and Meg Kinnear, the Secretary-General of ICSID. One related the signing of a Co-Operation Agreement between ICSID and the ADGM and the other was the formation of the World’s first Panel of Investor State Mediators at the ADGM.

Michael Cover and Mark Appel of ArbDB Chambers are two of the 12 mediators on this inaugural Panel.

Tony Marks, Chair of ArbDB Chambers, commented: “We were pleased that Michael Cover was able to join our UAE-based Member, Robert Sliwinski in Abu Dhabi. We are also delighted that Michael and Mark are part of this new Investor State Mediation Panel, which strengthens our links with the wider Gulf Co-Operation Council Region.”

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