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5 December 2023


Our infrastructure provider, CTS, has suffered a recent service outage due to a cyber-incident, which has impacted our email services.

Please find CTS’ statement regarding the cyber-incident below:

We are experiencing a service outage which has impacted a portion of the services we deliver to some of our clients. The outage was caused by a cyber-incident.

We are working closely with a leading global cyber forensics firm to help us with an urgent investigation into the incident and to assist us in service restoration.

We continue to work around the clock with the assistance of third-party experts. Whilst we are confident that we will be able to restore services, we are unable to give a precise timeline for full restoration. We will continue to communicate directly with those of our clients which are impacted by the service outage, providing regular updates on the status of our work to restore services and our investigations into the incident.

We have moved to another email provider now, emails sent to anyone at ArbDB Chambers will receive them.

However, if you have any concerns about email traffic, please contact our Clerk, Martin Poulter, on 020 3514 9020 or by email at

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