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AIAC Evening Talk Series 2024 - Between Theory & Practice: A Conversation on International Arbitration and Mediation

1 January 2024


The AIAC is pleased to announce our first evening talk series for the year 2024 titled “Between Theory and Practice: A Conversation on International Arbitration and Mediation.”

Dive into the intricacies of international commercial arbitration and mediation by mastering the theoretical foundations and the effective strategies crucial in these fields. From discovering real world experiences to witnessing a mock mediation scenario, this session promises to be an insightful journey.

This engaging session will be held on 5th January and led by seasoned expert Mr. Paul Rose from ArbDB Chambers and moderated by the Director of AIAC, Datuk Sundra Rajoo. Join us for a conversation that bridges theory and practice, unlocking pathways for a successful career in International Arbitration and Mediation.

More information at:

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