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Sir Jonathan Parker, Mediator And Arbitrator, Retires From ArbDB, The Arbitration, Mediation And Dispute Board Chambers

7 February 2016


Sir Jonathan Parker has retired from ArbDB, the Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Board Chambers.  Sir Jonathan has been a member since the Chambers was founded in 2011.


Sir Jonathan was called to the Bar in 1962 and thereafter had a distinguished career as a Chancery Barrister and QC and then as a High Court Judge and Lord Justice of Appeal.


Since his retirement from the Court of Appeal in 2007, Sir Jonathan practised as a mediator and arbitrator and was also involved as the Chairman of a substantial enquiry in Gibraltar. ArbDB Chairman, Tony Marks, commented: “We thoroughly enjoyed our association with Sir Jonathan, with his incisive mind and great good humour.  We wish him well for the future”.

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