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Marieke Witkamp

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Marieke Witkamp FCIArb is a Houston based international arbitrator with an LLM in Dutch and US Law and a Texas bar license.


She also holds the CIArb Diploma in International Maritime Arbitration. Marieke has over 20 years of dispute resolution experience and a unique professional background. She is originally trained as a commercial judge in the Netherlands and became an international commercial and arbitration lawyer after moving abroad to the United States and the Middle East.


Marieke’s areas of expertise are maritime, insurance, construction, energy law and post M&A disputes but she is comfortable with almost any contractual dispute that comes up. As a judge she had to deal with anything that entered her docket.


Marieke is a hands-on arbitrator who takes her responsibility to start off a procedure in the best way possible and will take the necessary decisions to keep a procedure on track. She is often asked as chair as is very experienced in managing cases, leading hearings and writing fair and well-reasoned awards.

Please email for Marieke’s full professional CV.


Please contact Clerk to Chambers, Martin Poulter, on 020 3514 9020 or to enquire about Marieke’s availability for appointment as Arbitrator.

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