Tony Canham

Tony has 35 years of experience as an ADR practitioner and he is a Past President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the Society of Construction Arbitrators. Tony is widely known in UK and international legal circles for conducting assessments at entry to Fellowship level of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Tony acquired wide experience of the construction industry as a Chartered Civil Engineer working for contractors in England, Seychelles and South Africa. He also practised as a Consulting Civil and Structural Engineer since 1977 when he became a Fellow of, the then, Institute of Arbitrators.

Tony’s wide ranging practical experience, and his extensive arbitral experience since 1977, has led him to be appointed, since 2000, as Chairman of international arbitration tribunals, or party appointed arbitrator, in complicated high-value construction, oil and gas, and capital plant disputes. Tony’s dispute resolution work includes being named in Canary Wharf contracts as the standing adjudicator and in Dispute Boards abroad. Tony is available for arbitration, dispute board work, adjudication and mediation.

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