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Paul Rose joins the Roster of Mediators of the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration (SCCA)

9 May 2020


ArbDB Chambers Member, Paul Rose, has joined the Roster of Mediators of the SCCA. The SCCA is based in Riyadh and sets out to be the preferred regional option for alternative dispute resolution by 2030 . Paul, who, with Mark Appel, took part in a webinar on “Mediation in a post-Covid 19 World” on 4 May 2020, is looking forward to playing a full part in the mediation activities of the SCCA and joins fellow ArbDB Chambers Members George Grant, Mark Appel, Robert Sliwinski and Michael Cover on this roster.

ArbDB Chambers Director, Michael Cover, commented “We are delighted that Paul has joined the Roster of Mediators of the SCCA and this reinforces ArbDB Chambers’ strong interest in all forms of ADR in the wider Gulf Co-operation Region

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