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ArbDB Chambers Member, Michael Cover Participates In The 2018 Energy Charter Forum On Settlement Of Investment Disputes Without Tribunal Ruling

12 September 2018


ArbDB Chambers Member, Michael Cover, participated in the 2018 Energy Charter Forum on Settlement of Investment Disputes without Tribunal Ruling on 11 September 2018.  This was part of a wider programme, Key Issues in International Arbitration: Advocacy, Damage Calculation, Settlement and Cyber Security.  This was held at the Paris office of the World Bank and was organised by ICSID (the World Bank), the Energy Charter Secretariat, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute and the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

Michael had, earlier in the year, added Investor State Mediator training to his qualifications, again at the World Bank in Paris.

Michael commented: “I was delighted to attend this Forum and, in particular, the session on Settlement of Investment Disputes without Tribunal Ruling, which focused on Investor State Mediation, against the background of the proposed Amendments to the ICSID Rules, which contain a new set of Mediation Rules.  There is an increasingly positive atmosphere associated with Investor State Mediation and perhaps even a culture change in its favour.”

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