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ArbDB Chambers Members Participate In The CIArb Biennual Congress In Atlanta, Georgia

29 November 2018

ArbDB members, Jane Gunn, Paul Rose and Tony Marks attended the Congress of the Chartered institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) which was held on 16 and 17 November in Atlanta, USA.  The Biennial Congress was attended by the Chairs of the 39 Branches of CIArb, representing approximately 15000 members worldwide.  The purpose of Congress is to elect the President and Deputy president of CIArb of the next two years and to discuss significant issues in alternative dispute resolution.  A meeting of CIArb’s Board of Trustees was held immediately after Congress. 

Jane is the Chair of the CIArb’s Board of Management, Paul is Chair of the CIArb’s London Branch and Tony is a CIArb Trustee.  They attended Congress in those capacities.

Tony Marks, Chairman of ArbDB, commented:  “Congress enabled Branch representatives to come together and discuss matters  of importance to CIArb and its members in diverse jurisdictions. One of the themes of this Congress was the recognition of the need for greater inclusiveness in the profession."

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