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Mark Appel

Mark Appel is an independent, international Arbitrator, Mediator, Consultant and Trainer.

Mr. Appel has nearly 40 years of global arbitration and mediation experience, having served in both executive and senior executive positions at the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), leaving ICDR/AAA as Senior Vice President, EMEA in December of 2015.

Mr. Appel is thoroughly familiar with arbitration practice and procedure, with 30 years of experience in training arbitrators on four continents on behalf of various arbitral institutions, government ministries, Courts and NGOs.

While serving as a Regional executive for AAA, Mr. Appel personally administered or was responsible for the administration of thousands of commercial arbitrations.

Mr. Appel has also managed arbitral pre-filing and preliminary hearings, addressing issues including jurisdiction, arbitrator appointment/conflicts, scheduling and information exchange in a wide variety of commercial settings, with individual case claims up to 1 Billion USD.

In cooperation with industry experts, Mr. Appel has drafted multiple sets of arbitration and ADR procedures, including online, “desk” arbitration procedures for manufacturers and suppliers and Dispute Review Board procedures. Most recently, Mr. Appel served as staff liaison to the June 2014 ICDR International Arbitration Rules Drafting Committee.

An experienced mediator and mediator trainer, Mr. Appel is a founding, now honorary, Director of the International Mediation Institute.

Mr. Appel has successfully mediated cases, including complex multi-party cases, in various industries including Construction/Infrastructure, Energy, Technology, Commercial Finance, Joint Venture/Partnership, Real Estate and Equipment Leasing.

Mr. Appel has consulted with individual companies and whole industries on dispute resolution design. Mr. Appel also participated in a series of ground-breaking ICDR corporate dispute resolution and conflict management benchmarking surveys of leading French corporations.

At the request of several government ministries of justice and economic development and global NGOs, Mr. Appel has worked with community stakeholders including Bar Associations, Chambers of Commerce and the Courts to build new Arbitration and Mediation Centers in the EMEA region.

Mr. Appel has taught arbitration law and procedure and overview courses in dispute resolution at the graduate and post-graduate (law) levels in multiple jurisdictions.

Mr. Appel provides Arbitration, Mediation and Conflict Management Consultancy and Training Services through Appel Dispute Resolution LLC.

Mr. Appel is an International Member of ArbDB Chambers, London, and takes his arbitrator and mediator appointments through Chambers.