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ArbDB is the first International Multidisciplinary Chambers for Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Boards

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ArbDB Members, Wolf von Kumberg, Mark Appel, Paul Rose and Michael Cover, have all been involved in recent developments in I-S Mediation. This is against the background a certain questioning
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ArbDB Chambers Member, Mark Appel, has been training new mediators in Saudi Arabia. Training was provided in cooperation with the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, under
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This Evening Seminar at the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration will look at and define the existing models and then look at Dispute Boards, now a familiar feature of major
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ArbDB Chambers Members, Peter McQueen and Michael Cover, participated in and made substantial contributions to ICMA XX in Copenhagen, which was organised with the Danish Institute
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ArbDB Chambers Members, Tony Marks and Paul Rose, both participated in the CIArb Mediation Symposium 2017. Paul Rose co-chaired the CIArb Mediation Symposium 2017 “Mediation in
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ArbDB is a first in that thanks to its specialist members it is able to offer a truly multi-disciplinary, international dispute resolution service across the whole spectrum of commercial disputes.

  • Members have built up the skills and expertise over a considerable period of time, through a great deal of hard work and application. The benefits extend to you, the user and client.
  • Members are qualified to act as arbitrators, adjudicators and mediators and hold a variety of qualifications that equip them to deal with your case.
  • Members have expertise and knowledge in a wide range of areas of commerce and industry acquired over many years in practice .
  • Independence and neutrality of the arbitrator, mediator and adjudicator is of vital importance in present day private dispute resolution. ArbDB members are independent and do not have the potential conflicts of partners in large law firms or members of barristers' chambers
  • Our case manager is highly experienced in the field of dispute resolution.   His expertise will assist you in selecting the most suitable neutral for your case.

With their combined experience, members are equipped to handle even the most complex and sensitive of disputes.